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Specialty Products

Our specially curated collections that add flair to any home!

Edible Organic
Macho Peppers

Don't be fooled by the size of these peppers; their small stature belies their robust flavor and heat.

Small but mighty, with a Scoville rating higher than a jalapeno, these Edible Organic Macho Peppers pack a punch in every bite.

Macho pepper staged image - website.jpg
Herb Plants

Organic Herb Gardens

Discover the joy of culinary convenience  with your very own Organic Herb Garden.

From tantalizing cocktails, to the most delectable holiday feasts, these herbs offer versatile seasonings that are readily available.

Spanish Anouk Lavender

Explore the beauty of Spanish Lavender, renowned for its silvery-green leaves and distinctive purple blooms.

Perfect as low hedges or as decorative topiaries, enhancing gardens with its allure and attracting beneficial pollinators.

annouk spanish lavender.jpg
Organic Tomatoes

Tabletop Series

Coming soon!

Spring 2024

Lemon Cypress

The Grinch-Green colour and fresh citrus scent make this darling little tree a holiday staple in any space!

Lemon Cypress staged image - website.jpg
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