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Edible Organic Macho Peppers

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Nacho average pepper

Don't be fooled by the size of these peppers; their small stature belies their robust flavor and heat.

Small but mighty, with a Scoville rating higher than a jalapeno, these Edible Organic Macho Peppers pack a punch in every bite.

Moreover, these peppers are not only fiery but also prolific producers, requiring minimal care to flourish in your home.

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Care Info

Freeman Edible Organic Macho Peppers are easy to care for planters.Place Herb Garden on windowsill and allow soil to dry between watering's. Trim herbs as needed. Remove any dead leaves to keep plants healthy.


Freeman Organic Herb Gardens are grown in pots and can easily thrive in a home environment. Harvesting it as needed will result in the most healthy herbs.  
You can harvest the herbs by cutting sprigs of herbs just above a leaf cluster or at base of stem depending on the herb mixture in your Herb Garden.
ill result in the most healthy herbs.

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