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Lemon Cypress Trees

Elevating Holiday Décor with Citrus Charm

Lemon cypress trees are delightful, fragrant evergreens that add a festive flair to holiday decorations.


Their lemon-scented green foliage forms a cone shape, ideal for bringing a cheerful accent to your home during the holiday season.

Beyond enhancing the beauty of your holiday décor, these trees infuse the air with a refreshing citrus aroma, fostering a delightful festive ambiance.


Their natural charm elevates your holiday celebrations, making them a delightful addition to your seasonal decorations.

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Care Instructions

Caring for your lemon cypress tree is easy! You'll only need to trim it occasionally to control its size. Remember, it grows best in zones 7-10, so keep it indoors during colder months.

For plants indoors, make sure it gets 5-6 hours of indirect sunlight or morning sun. Avoid exposing it to hot, direct afternoon sunlight from west-facing windows.


For plants Outdoors, plant it where it gets full sun to partial shade.

Water deeply once a week to keep the soil consistently moist but not too dry. This helps the tree stay healthy and lively.

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