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Spanish Anouk Lavender

A sure sign that spring has sprung

Spanish lavender, similar in appearance to other lavender varieties, grows as small shrubs, perfect for low hedges, borders, or unique topiaries.


Its silvery-green leaves accompany distinct purple rabbit ear-like flowers on upright stems.


Thriving in warmer climates, it prefers full sun and excels in container gardens, allowing flexibility in outdoor placement.

However, unlike English Lavender, Spanish Lavender is decorative and aromatic but not meant for consumption, though it can adorn dishes as a garnish.​

Lavender Fields

Care Instructions

For maintaining lavender standards, deadhead fading flowers to encourage new blooms from developing buds below.


If the plant gets overgrown, trimming it by mid-June could spur flowers in about 10 weeks; otherwise, it remains a leafy standard.

Spanish lavender isn't frost-resistant and is usually treated as an annual in zones 7 - 10.

To support its growth, ensure regular feeding with a balanced liquid or granular fertilizer, low in nitrogen, during flowering periods. Ratios like 15-15-15, 10-10-10, or 5-10-10 work well.

While suitable for gardens, consider its vulnerability to cold temperatures when planting Spanish Lavender outdoors.

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