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Tips on How to Deal with Weeds Naturally


Weeds are a nuisance and are unwanted pesky plants that invade our gardens. Here are some tips on how to control weeds.

Mulch in your garden


Using mulch around your plants is a great way to block weed seeds from sunlight, which prevents them from germinating. This also is a great way to provide nutrients as mulch will decompose over time.


If you notice numerous weeds, try stopping light from reaching them. A great way is to cover the soil of your garden around your plants with dampened brown cardboard or newspaper (black ink only). On top of either option cover up with compost, straw, or even mulch from the previous tip. This stops the light from reaching the weeds, which they need to grow.

Pull them when you see them


Manual pulling of weeds is still something you may face during the season. It's not a chore that is fun, but it might be meditative or therapeutic. Wear gloves and use something comfortable to kneel on when pulling weeds to protect yourself.

Use a garden Hoe

If you notice weeds have sprung up, a garden hoe with a long handle will be your greatest weapon against these pesky growths. When the soil is dry, use the garden hoe to remove the weeds.


If you do use a garden hoe try not to overturn the soil or dig below the surface. In doing this, it will expose dormant weed seeds to the light and air which will only cause more to grow.

Off with their heads!

If it's too much of a struggle dealing with weeds, use a weed wacker to cut off the heads of the weeds before they flower. This task may need to continue every week.

Trim the garden edges.

If you notice weeds growing more frequently towards the edges of the garden, try your best to keep the edges trimmed to lessen the invasions of weeds in your garden.


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