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DIY: Drying Herbs

drying herbs


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There are many different ways to dry herbs, and there isn't a wrong way or right way to dry herbs. We will discuss the following methods:

  • hanging

  • Rack

  • Oven


To hang dry your herbs, you will want to tie the sprigs in small bunches using twine.

Hang the bunches to dry with the leaves facing downwards and place little paper or muslin bags over the herbs to avoid dust or to catch falling leaves. (avoid plastic bags as they can promote mold)

Allow 7-10 days to dry, depending on size. To know when the herbs are dry, the leaves should sound like crisp cornflakes when crushed.


A drying rack can be a wooden frame with muslin, cheesecloth, or netting that is fixed in place.

To dry your herbs with a rack, you will want to space out the sprigs or leaves on the racks.

Place the rack in an airing cupboard in the warming drawer of an oven or in a warm airy spot out of direct sunlight.

Turn the leaves every so often to ensure even drying, this process takes about 2-3 days.


Herbs such as sage, mint, rosemary, thyme, and parsley should be stripped from the stem when oven-drying.

Space out the leaves on a tray and set your oven to the lowest possible temperature with the door slightly open.

Turn over the leaves after 30 minutes to ensure even drying. Allow another 30 minutes for the herbs to fully dry.

Leave the tray in the oven until fully cooled.


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