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Latin name:

Sage - TriColour
Salvia Officinalis
18 - 24" (46 - 61 cm)
18 - 32" (46 - 81 cm)
Full Sun
Allow Soil To Dry Between Watering
Light, Well Drained Soil

Sage Tri-Colour is a captivating and ornamental herb esteemed for its stunning foliage that exhibits a delightful blend of colors. This cultivar is a variegated form of common sage, characterized by its striking and multi-colored leaves.

This herb features foliage adorned with hues of green, purple, and cream, creating a visually appealing tapestry of colors. The leaves have an irregular variegation, with splashes of cream and purple amidst the green base color. This distinct variegation gives the plant a unique and decorative appearance, making it a popular choice for ornamental herb gardens, containers, or as an accent plant in landscapes.

Similar to regular sage, Tricolor Sage emits a classic sage fragrance when the leaves are touched or brushed. However, its primary allure lies in its aesthetic value rather than its culinary use. While the leaves can still be used in culinary endeavors, the variegated sage might have a milder flavor compared to common sage, and its primary contribution often lies in its visual appeal rather than its culinary application.

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