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Organic Kale Scarlet

Latin name:

Kale - Scarlet
Brassica Oleracea
18 - 24" (46 - 61 cm)
18 - 24" (46 - 61 cm)
Full Sun
Keep Well Watered
Fertile, Well Drained Soil

Kale Scarlet is a visually stunning and flavorful variety of kale, is esteemed for its deep purple-red leaves and ornamental appeal. This particular cultivar of Brassica oleracea, known for its striking appearance, is highly favored by gardeners and chefs alike for its vibrant color and culinary versatility.

The leaves are characterized by their deep burgundy to rich purple-red hue, showcasing ruffled and curly edges that create a captivating ornamental display in gardens. This kale's stunning color intensifies as the plant matures, adding a dramatic and eye-catching element to landscapes or culinary presentations.

In culinary applications, the robust leaves can be used in a multitude of ways. They can be enjoyed raw in salads, where their vibrant color adds an attractive contrast, or incorporated into smoothies and juices for added nutrition. When cooked it maintains its striking color and texture, making it a flavorful addition to soups, stews, stir-fries, sautés, or even used as a wrapping or garnish in various dishes.

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