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History of Freeman Herbs

In 1979, on his family farm, Tim Freeman grew four trays of herbs.

He did not sell a single one. The following year he grew three hundred trays and sold them all. This represented the future of not only insightful business acumen but also of what was to become the premier herb-growing operation of Freeman Herbs. 


Beginning in 1990, many companies tried to acquire ownership of this successful agricultural operation. Until Tim was approached by his neighbors and business associates the Hendriks family in 2004 he was not convinced that the values on which the business had been built would remain intact.


Discussions proceeded and at the conclusion, Tim agreed to sell full ownership rights of Freeman Herbs to the Hendriks Family. Tim was confident that quality and service, combined with a strong work ethic would remain a key component of the Freeman Herb name long into the future with the sale to the Hendriks family. Today Freeman Herbs is one of the leading growers and distributors of fresh herbs in Canada.


From its humble beginnings, Freeman Herbs is now the largest fresh herb grower in Canada and is listed in the top five in North America. As the company continues to grow sight is not lost on the main focus of quality and customer experience the success and enjoyment of herbs at an optimum level. 



At Freeman Herbs we are committed to the enjoyment of herbs.

We aspire to this each day by focusing our efforts on quality and service.


In doing so, our goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of those who share our passion; our employees, our customers, and the end consumer.

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