Spanish Lavender

Spanish lavender is a beautiful variety of lavender that in appearance is very similar to other varieties, they generally grow in small shrubs that make great low hedges or bed borders, but can also be grown as a  unique and beautiful topiary. Its foliage displays as silvery-green leaves with a very different flower. The top of each flowering stem grows larger, upright bracts that look like purple rabbit ears. Spanish lavender grows better in warmer weather than its family member English Lavender. Spanish lavender prefers full sun, and grows very well in container gardens, which will allow you to move your potted lavender into the sunny areas of your outdoor space. 

Unlike English Lavender though you don't want to eat Spanish Lavender. It is a decorative plant, with a beautiful, calming aroma. It can however be used as a decorative garnish on your food just be sure to take it off before you eat your meal.

The first choice for a customer that has a lavender standard is to deadhead the flowers as they start to fade in colour. There are usually multiple flower buds developing just below these first flower buds and they will push colour once the energy stops going to the older flower.


If the plant has grown out too far and needs some tidying up, the customer's second choice is to cut the plant back and allow the lavender to regrow. If the cut is made by mid-June, there is a good chance of seeing flowers again in about 10 weeks. Otherwise, the lavender remains a decorative foliage standard for the remainder of the summer.


Spanish lavender is not particularly cold hardy and we typically treat it as an annual. Zone 7 - 10.


Lavender is a fairly "hungry" plant, especially when flowering.

Ensure the plant receives a good measured amount of feed each watering (with liquid feed)

or with granular or slow release fertiliser. It is easier to ensure feed uptake with a well balanced liquid

feed or granular feed, preferably with a low nitrogen content.

15-15-15, 10-10-10, 5-10-10 are all reasonable ratios. 

Spanish Lavender can be planted in your garden as well, however it is not very cold hardy. 

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6 inch Lavender Shrub

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10 inch Lavender Shrub

10 inch Lavender Topiary