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Organic Herb Guide

New to herbs? Wanting to learn more?

This is the perfect fresh herb guide for you and your customers. This download is full of great information about the top 11 culinary herbs, including description, harvesting, and what the best culinary uses for each variety is.


On top of that you will have a run down of the differences between organic and conventional herbs, Watering Care and a full page of fresh herb pairings.

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Pet Program

We've got all you need for selling pet grass and catnip into your customers hands! 

Download our Pet Grass & Cat Nip Care Sheets and our Pet Program Guide.

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Feature Herb Cook Book

Enjoy this collection of recipes featuring our organic herbs.


Culture Guide

Over the last couple years foodies have taken the leap into experimenting with some amazing ethnic fusions within their food and fresh herb use.

Because of this we wanted to make a guide for you and your customers so you will be able to supply a proper array of fresh herbs, that will be sure to make everyone's kitchen go global!

This guide gives you an overview of fresh herb pairings, the dates and description of some cultural holidays, recipes, nutritional values, health benefits of fresh herbs, and a seasonal availability for fresh fruits and veggies that can be mixed with Freeman's Fresh Herbs!