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rosemary and cucumber gin cocktail

Updated: Aug 1

A light and refreshing cocktail for the summer heat!

This rosemary and cucumber cocktail is a great twist on a classic!

Ingredients (yields two drinks):

- 2 sprigs (about 3”) fresh freeman herbs organic rosemary (plus extra for garnish)

- 4 slices of cucumber (plus extra for garnish)

- 2 oz of gin

- 1 large lime, juiced (save slices for garnish)

- 1 oz simple syrup

- 4-5 ice cubes per glass


Strip the rosemary from its branch and place them along with the slices of cucumber in a cocktail shaker.

Muddle the two until well crushed and fragrant.

Add in your gin, lime juice, simple syrup and ice.

Cover the shaker and shake well until drink is cold and mixed well.

Add a couple ice cubes into your serving glass and strain the mixture into the glasses.

Garnish with a sprig of rosemary, cucumber and a lime slice.



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