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Emerald Towers Basil

Emerald Towers Basil is the perfect addition to your culinary collection.

This variety of basil is a beautiful towering plant with a very high harvest yield.

It grows to be between 24-36" tall and flowers 10-12 weeks later than standard basil

which allows for a much longer harvest time! Emerald Basil has a traditional

genovese flavour and is perfect for eating with fresh caprese salad, making tomato

sauce, use with vegetables or chopped fresh in other  recipes. 

Need to know the best way to care for your Emerald Basil? 

Keep your soil moist with water, however do not let your pot sit in standing water.

This is very important. You may be tempted to leave water on the saucer that your

pot is placed on, however this prevents your basil from being able to draw in all

the oxygen it needs. When your plant is overwatered or left soaking your basil will

start to rot and the leaves will start to turn black. Avoid this by dumping the water

out of the dish your pot is sitting on after watering.


Avoid fertilizing your indoor basil plant.  When you purchase Freeman's

fresh potted herbs the soil already has an appropriate amount of fertilizer in it.

Adding more can affect the growth and flavour of your plant because

its toxicity levels will be too high. 

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